TR-12 y XL

Armored Tactical Vehicle
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Multipurpose Tactical Vehicle

hunter armor tactical vehicle
360° Armoring
Crew: 12 passengers total
Semi-automatic - automatic turret
Engine: 6.700cc & 8.700cc
Type: 4X4
Armor tires with Runflat - System
Turbo Diesel
Driving range: 900 Km.
Electro-controlled dual tank system
Front electric winch
Front FLIR Thermal camera
Front LED high power lights (+4)
Independent rear cab air conditioning
Gun ports
Cabin air/smoke exhaust fans (2)
hunter armor vehicle
More safety

A mono-hull built on an independent chassis, the versatile Hunter TR-12 offers superior protection against guns and rifles, making it ideal for high-risk areas prone to clashes and ambushes..

With 4x4 wheel drive action, it is possible for the vehicle to reach remote, difficult-to-access places.

vehiculo tactico militar

hunter xl

360° Armoring